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#724 Deputy Secretary, Social Security, SES Band 3, Department of Social Services

#724 Deputy Secretary, Social Security, SES Band 3, Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services has an immediate Deputy Secretary vacancy in the Social Security stream. It is expected that a merit pool will be created through this process, which may be accessed for any future vacancies.

As a Deputy Secretary, and a key member of the department’s Executive team, you will be an experienced policy maker, lead a complex work program and contribute to the leadership of the department through active involvement in executive decision-making, representational activities and working collaboratively to provide strategic direction and drive a culture of high performance. You will make a substantial contribution to the delivery of key government agendas and engage with a broad range of stakeholders to deliver policies and programs that enhance outcomes for Australians.

In this role you will operate with a large degree of independence, within a framework of broadly established policies, priorities and goals which are set by the Secretary, the Ministers and the Government of the day.

To be a strong contender you will have outstanding leadership skills, a demonstrated record of achievement, excellent interpersonal skills and sound judgement. You will be committed to innovation in policy development and its implementation and to creating workplace cultures that are collaborative and supportive. You will be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and ideally have experience in working on multidimensional and complex issues.

You will also be confident and resilient and have excellent stakeholder and people management skills. Your performance will be judged by results and how you uphold Australian Public Service and departmental values, including exemplary standards of integrity and professionalism.

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