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#782 First Assistant Director-General, (various roles), SES Band 2, Office of National Intelligence

#782 First Assistant Director-General, (various roles), SES Band 2, Office of National Intelligence

The Role

The Office of National Intelligence (ONI) is seeking highly skilled, motivated and experienced senior professionals to assist the Director-General National Intelligence in the leadership and management of ONI.

Roles exist across a range of ONI’s functions, with the core responsibilities including:

  • Being a collaborative member of the ONI’s leadership team, including fostering an integrated organisational culture.
  • Accountability for the delivery of a defined part of the agency’s outcomes with a focus on innovation, transformation and organisational sustainability.
  • Providing strategic direction and leadership of a division, including developing and maintaining a high-performing team.
  • Briefing Commonwealth ministers, parliamentary committees and senior officials.
  • Building and maintaining effective networks across the National Intelligence Community, government, non-government bodies, local and overseas authorities, and with other external experts.
  • Representing the agency in various forums, including internationally.

You will have excellent judgment and a proven ability to think strategically and find innovative and practical solutions.

Preparing your application

Your application should include:.

  • a resume with your relevant recent experience, qualifications and achievements
  • a statement of claims (800 word maximum) outlining why you are suited to the position and what knowledge, skills, experience you will bring to ONI. Provide specific examples of achievements to demonstrate your ability to perform the role and meet the key attributes.
  • in addition to submitting your CV and a statement of claims (or ‘pitch’) you will be required to fill in some additional fields in our online application form. These include areas such as Key areas of expertise, Major Achievements, Staff Management and Budget Management.

Please note it is anticipated that the  interview dates will be 15 / 16 / 17 December 2021

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