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#796 Branch Manager, Communication Services, SES Band 1, Department of Social Services

#796 Branch Manager, Communication Services, SES Band 1, Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services (the department) is seeking an outstanding senior executive to fill the role of Branch Manager, Communication Services. The Communication Services Branch is responsible for delivering high quality strategic and operational communication activities, including communication campaigns.  You will play a key role in supporting the department in achieving its mission to improve the wellbeing of individuals and families in Australian communities.

You will be the principal and authoritative source of advice for the department and its executive in relation to communication and media outcomes, including media, issues management strategies and communication campaign management. You will also take a strategic approach on external communication activities across the Social Services Portfolio through collaboration with portfolio agencies. You will be a key member of the SES leadership team within the department and contribute to strategic and organisational priorities.  You will lead and set the direction for the branch and the successful applicant will drive outcomes to:

  • deliver communication products for complex, technical and sensitive social services programs in a proactive and reactive manner;
  • lead the delivery of communication campaigns for the department;
  • provide guidance to senior staff across the department, Social Services portfolio, Ministers and their advisers;
  • deliver sustainable, audience-focused communication through the development of evidence-based products and metrics to change behaviours;
  • bring a strong customer service focus, ensuring Communication Services Branch works in partnership across the department to improve the communication of our external programs and policies; and
  • lead and manage a branch with a focus on continuous improvement on communication products; determine and be accountable for objectives, priorities and task allocation; represent the department at high-level discussions and negotiations with key stakeholders and outside organisations.

As part of this selection process, a merit pool may be established.

Your application should include a CV and a statement of claims (a short ‘pitch’ of approximately 1000 words or 2 pages) drawing out why you are interested in the role, what you offer the agency, your skill set, relevant career history and achievements, and your leadership attributes. In preparing your application you may also wish to take account of the following selection criteria outlined in the Candidate Information Pack which apply to SES roles in the APS.

In addition to submitting your CV and a statement of claims (or ‘pitch’) you will be asked to fill in some additional fields in our online application form. These include areas such as Key areas of expertise, Major Achievements, Staff Management and Budget Management.

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