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#797 General Manager positions, SES Band 1, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

#797 General Manager positions, SES Band 1, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources supports economic recovery, productivity and growth, and job creation for all Australians by supporting manufacturing, business capability, technology, science and innovation. We support the affordable, reliable, secure and competitive operation of energy markets and Australia’s transition to a lower emissions future. We back Australia’s strong resources sector by supporting the development of Australia’s mineral and energy resources for the benefit of the nation.

We are establishing a General Manager (SES Band 1) merit pool to fill potential vacancies, open nationally. Our department is responsible for a range of functions including:

  • development and implementation of public policy;
  • service delivery;
  • program design and delivery; and
  • corporate services.

As a General Manager, you will lead the work of a branch and play a key role in building our organisational capability. You will develop the branch’s strategic direction and create a shared sense of purpose through encouraging others’ input and communicating required actions and expected outcomes. You are expected to lead by motivating and organising people to produce outcomes that make a difference to the nation. It is not just about what is delivered, but how it is delivered through teams and networks. This includes engaging others to innovate, collaborate and create change.

Our ideal candidates have highly developed representational and negotiation skills and are strong people managers. You may be experienced in public policy, program development and implementation or you may have an extensive track record of experience in state government, industry or other sectors. You are:

  • an innovative thinker who has the ability to manage multiple priorities;
  • able to harness information from a variety of sources and have well developed analytical skills; and
  • highly motivated and have an agile approach that enables you to anticipate opportunities and encourage creativity and innovative ideas.
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