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Please browse some of the testimonials that our candidates, our clients and our workshop participants have provided. We approach every assignment with a commitment to do our best.

Insights driven. People focused.
Thanks to everyone involved, it’s been a terrific process! The support throughout has been very much appreciated. SES Band 2, Selection Panel Member
I want to thank everyone involved in making this selection process a breeze. Getting the shortlisting, interviews and report written in 3 weeks is incredible. Well done. SES Band 2, Selection Panel Member
It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of this recruitment process – certainly the best I have ever participated in! SES Band 2, Selection Panel Member
I think the Winning that SES Job Program is a hidden gem and I found the panel perspectives highly valuable. The feedback was unambiguous and practical to use straightaway. EL2 participant
I’ve found it to be very rare that candidates receive feedback at all, let alone such insightful and comprehensive comments like you’ve provided here. I really appreciate the effort and for providing this feedback. Applicant SES Band 1 Process
In terms of feedback, it was an excellent process from my perspective. Your insights were great, the report was very well written and I was incredibly impressed with how quickly you pulled it all together. Great work! SES Band 2, Selection Panel Member
I really enjoyed the Winning that SES Job Program and picked up some very useful points which I will action, particularly around refining my CV. I feel far better placed now for when the opportunity to apply for promotion arises. EL2 participant
The depth and breadth of Tricia's expertise and guidance was particularly relevant and helpful. SES Band 2, Selection Panel Member
As a newcomer to the APS, the value and insight Executive Intelligence Group provided about the APS processes, and a range of other things was really appreciated. SES Band 2, Selection Panel Member

Just a few of our many valued clients

  • Australian Goverment Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Australian Goverment Department of the Environtment and Energy
  • Australian Goverment Department of Indastry, Innovation and Science
  • Australian Goverment Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Australian Goverment The Treasury
  • Australian Goverment Department of Finance
  • DHA
  • Australian Goverment Comcare
  • Australian Goverment Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Australian Goverment Department of Social Services
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Australian GovermentBureau of Meteorology
  • Australian Goverment Department of Health
  • Australian Goverment Department of Employment, Skills
  • Australian Goverment Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Australian Goverment Department of Home Affairs
  • Australian Goverment Human Services
  • ACT Goverment Education and Training
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