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Executive Intelligence Group strongly believes in developing the skills and capabilities of executives and those looking to further their careers. Career development can mean many things and is not always a linear, upwards path (or ladder). But how do you work out what directions you can move in? And how do you distil your skills, identify areas of development and actively set a course for development that will help you achieve a fulfilling career?

Sometimes, the answer to these questions is executive coaching, and sometimes targeted, group workshops are the best fit.

Insights driven. People focused.

Winning that SES job

Our signature workshop

Executive Intelligence Group's signature workshop designed to give you practical, insightful information on how SES roles are recruited, how you can best position yourself for these roles and gain invaluable interview practice.

CV and Pitch Workshop

A CV and pitch only discussion to give practical tips, advice and takeaways for those preparing for a career or role change. Workshop includes a 30min CV + pitch review and feedback by an executive coach.

Interview Practice Workshop

Interviews can be daunting. This workshop will unpack the traditional public sector interview and help you assess your own, and others’, responses in a safe and confidential setting. Sometimes we all just need a little more practice!

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